The 4 T’s

Please read the information below for education purposes and to help you better understand how we care for your health.


What We Do


Initially, investigate any potential disease processes with the use of conventional medical testing options. Ideally you should have copies of these and understand their interpretation from your physician.

But when these have not fully diagnosed or resolved your symptoms, this office utilizes several digital medical instruments to identify (and sometimes treat) a wide range of functional disorders in a personalized program on innovative.

These digital medical instruments are officially registered in the European Union countries.

We have now entered the digital age of biology
Dr. J. Craig Venter – one of first to sequence human genome



All medications and supplements must obey the same pharmacological laws. Every pharmacologically-active ingredient has 3 possible effects: positive, neutral, negative!

In addition, you may also react to the non-active ingredients in tablets, liquids, gels-such as binders, fillers, colouring agents, flavouring agents etc.

Although Health Canada monitors prescription medications, for non-prescription medications the only qualification is the use of good manufacturing practices-which does not protect us regarding the purity of the product, strength of the product, and possible contamination with other ingredients. Many investigations have shown that there is considerable discrepancies by what is written on the label and what is actually in the non-prescription products. 

Our focus is to measure each individual patient, all current medications and supplements-in order to determine what is beneficial and tolerated-(and what is the optimal dosage for that individual). Also we assess which products are not beneficial and are therefore a waste of time and money. And very importantly we identify those products which are toxic for that individual-and therefore interfere with your ability to respond fully to those products which are beneficial and tolerated.


  • There are 80,000 or so chemicals that form the building blocks of all of the consumer products we surround ourselves with every day, a great many have now been found to be readily absorbed by the human body through what we breathe, eat, drink, and apply to our skin.
  • Because of exposure and individualized vulnerability, we can also experience toxicity from prescription medications, non-prescription herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, protein powders etc.
  • Toxicity impairs healthy body functioning and also interferes with the effectiveness of even beneficial medications-whether prescription or nonprescription.
  • Because of our individualized biological functioning, we detoxify differently to any toxic exposure. Therefore, there is no single or magic combination that can effectively treat all individuals even with the same toxicity.
  • Furthermore, many of the generalized detoxification products on the market actually increase the level of toxicity because one size does not fit all.
  • The only rational and effective way to detoxify is to identify the types of toxins involved, where they are deposited, and then apply an individualized treatment program. 

Reference: Environmental Defence Canada



Scientific medical research indicates that there is always biological individuality-everyone of us is not only different genetically; but our lifestyles, environment, medications, past medical illnesses, traumas etc. (epigenetics) determine which genes are turned on and off. That is why we all become ill in a unique manner with multiple variables. Therefore, there can be no cure-all, either with a single treatment or fixed protocol, which can effectively treat all individuals, even with the same illness or disease.

Also, any medication-whether prescription or nonprescription, can be either beneficial, harmful, or not effective- to any individual. We test every individual for current medications and supplements so that you will continue only with beneficial and tolerated ones .

Health Canada does not monitor purity, strength, nor potential benefit or harm for any nonprescription medication or supplement.

At this office, we use only European government-monitored standardize pharmaceutical grade herbal medications-and use only those that are measured to be beneficial and tolerated for each individual client.

Only a personalized treatment program can be optimally effective and safe for everyone.